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Texas to install world’s largest wind energy storage system

A ginormous 36 MW battery will store power at the 153 MW Notrees Windpower Project near Kermit, Texas. Stored power is what the grid desperately needs so the inevitable flucuations in renewable energy generation get leveled out. If the wind stops blowing, the battery kicks in and provides steady power to the grid.

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Hawaii wind farm has 15 MW of stored power. Yes!

Stored power is the Holy Grail for renewable energy because it means the variability of renewable energy generatiuon is no longer an issue because power it stored. Thus. power going into the grid is steady and doesn’t flucuate.

A 30 MW wind farm on Oahu has just gone live and it has 15 MW of stored power. May more more follow.

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Why we need stored power for electricity

Bonneville Power may have to shut down wind turbines because too much power is being produced by wind and hydro. If they let excess water flow over spillways this could raise nitrogen levels in the water, harming fish. So instead, they will turn off the wind turbines.

If we had a grid that allowed large amounts of power to be stored, then excess generation capacity would be stored for later use rather than being problematic. The big problem with our grid is that generation always has to match capacity exactly, no power can be stored.

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