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France insures Somalia and Mali rebels will be threat by attacking them

France made the nonsensical statement that Mali insurgents were a direct threat to the security of France, attacked the rebels, then increased security in France to protect against retaliation. Mission accomplished, France! Mali insurgents are now vowing vengeance and vow to strike in France, Thus, France took a non-existent threat and by invading another country and bombing […]

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Major shipper hires mercenaries to defend against Somali pirates

Maersk hires Tanzanian Mercenary warship as pirate situation becomes ‘critical’ Much about international politics, conflict, and war can be gleaned by from looking at a map. Yemen is certainly in the news lately. And is strategically placed as well. Military bases there could control the Gulf of Aden and be used to launch attacks against […]

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Somali piracy as systempunkt

Global Guerrillas on systempunkt In global guerrilla warfare (a combination of open source innovation, bazaar transactions, and low tech weapons), the point of greatest emphasis is called a systempunkt. It is the point point in a system (either an infrastructure or a market), always identified by autonomous groups within the bazaar, where a swarm of […]

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