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Third Party Candidates in Final Debate

Beyond the presidential debates there’s a whole other world of third party candidates like Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein. Critics have called the Romney-Obama debates as narrow as they were shallow, but few have done more to try to broaden and deeper the national discussion than Amy Goodman and the Democracy NOW!  team, who have produced […]

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Rocky Anderson for President!

Former Mayor of Salt Lake City Rocky Anderson is running for president on the Justice Party. This guy is the real deal, an outspoken progressive who pushes to end unjust wars, stop money corrupting politics, provide real health care for all, and to break the “stranglehold on our government by the military-industrial complex.” That a […]

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The most important issue this presidential election? It’s not a single “issue” at all

In the streets of Manhattan, during a weekend in late September, the faces of steel and concrete behemoths staring down at me, I quickly weaved my way through stopped cars.  I moved with several thousand others.  A collective elation filled the air, surrounding us as we sped forward.  Cars honked in support, cab drivers flashed […]

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Rocky Anderson and the Justice Party, Huntsman

So former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson is running for President of the United States. I like his platform mostly. I used to boo Rocky at the Pioneer Days parade in Salt Lake City primarily over his lack of restraint in involving himself in Davis County matters while he was the sitting mayor of […]

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