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How the Left rejects cheap energy for the Third World and the poor

Progressives used to believe that big projects, like TVA electrification, would help society at large and the disadvantaged in particular by supplying cheap power. Much of that trend has been reversed by environmentalists embracing “small is beautiful” claptrap. Worse, they sanctimoniously preach the Third World must not bother with electrification, running water, and air conditioning […]

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Fundamental flaws in progressive ideology

Cassiodorus details the ways in which progressives fail to provide an alternative to neoliberalism. But what he calls a flaw in ideology is more a flaw in execution, a flaw of will. Progressive ideology, however, offers only a half-hearted resistance to neoliberal power. Here are some of the ways in which it succumbs: Minimal demands Aversion […]

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Why progressives should love (some) Tea Parties

The Humble Libertarian notes that some factions in the Tea Party strongly oppose bailouts for the wealthy and that Think Progress found that Tea Party rally participants in New Hampshire supported same sex marriage. The Tea Party is not a monolith. The original Tea Party, the one founded by Karl Denniger, was and is about […]

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American progressives need a Tea Party of their own

Socialist Unity The democratic ideal of empowering the ordinary citizen cannot be achieved without addressing the problem of corporate power. A centre-ground president like Obama will never engage against powerful vested interests without there being an external pressure to do so from trade unions and progressive civil society. The left needs a Tea Party of […]

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Spare the rod, spoil the Democrats

The Republican Ogres are coming! This election is of colossal importance and is Very Important (see the diagram) and you must send buckets of money to Democrats then vote for them even though they’ve continually back-stabbed you. Remember, the Republican ogres are coming, so be scared, be very scared. Newshoggers says hooey to all that […]

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Leftists should take credit for bringing down Democrats

Look, if the left is so powerful that is is responsible for Democratic fortunes, well, that’s not something we should shrink from. We should say “Yes, we can destroy Democratic prospects. If you don’t do what we want, we WILL do so.” Don’t run from this, embrace it, wrap yourself in it. You are part […]

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Does Progressivism fail because Democrats are afraid to be progressive?

OpEdNews thinks so. It’s not hard to figure out what a progressive might stand for: workers’ rights, unions, bank regulations, social programs, equality, the building and re-building of infrastructure, economic protections, antitrust laws and the abolition of corporate personhood, and the strengthening of democracy. Ask yourself: How many of those issues do you hear Democratic […]

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Silly goose expectations: Frustrated left-liberals and Obama

ZNet on the continued befuddlement of some liberals and progressives that Obama didn’t turn out to be a liberal after all. Key quote, from an interview with Chomsky. Interviewer Fabian Scheidler: President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 while at the same time escalating the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Some days after […]

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