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There is not enough money to bail out Spain

Not after Ireland and Portugal get theirs first. But these bailouts don’t help the populace, only the banksters who made risky loans. If we had actual capitalism, the banks would be allowed to fail rather than being propped up by governments.

Greece circling the drain, Spain and Portugal could be next

We’re talking sovereign debt defaults now. El-Erian [CEO of bond management giant Pimco], in so many words, says Greece will default. Krugman is talking about the real possibility of unwinding the euro and ends his piece with: “I think I’ll go hide under the table now.” That’s some seriously gloomy language from arguably the most […]

Portugal legalized personal possession of drugs 5 years ago, usage dropped

The libertarian / conservative Cato Institute found that after five years, illegal drug use among teens declined, HIV infection rates dropped, and many more people sought medical help for drug addiction. Thus, by all measures, the legalization policy has been a resounding success. The data shows that decriminalization does not result in increased drug use. […]

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