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Polizeros podcast tonight. Pakistan, Libya, Scotland elections

Topics are Pakistan, Libya, Scotland elections, True Finns, Republican debate, more. The podcast is hosted on BlogTalkRadio. Call in to listen live at 626-414-3492 tonight at 8:30 PM PT (9:30 MT, 10:30 CT, 11:30 ET.) You can also download it or listen to the archive on BlogTalkRadio after it’s done. With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, […]

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Libya maelstrom

US sends two warships through Suez. Qadaffi attacking rebels with jets and bombing. While arming the insurgents seems like a good idea in theory, how can it be done without US troops being fired upon? When that happens, the US will almost certainly shoot back. Taliban assassinates reformist politician in Pakistan. Saudi stock market drops […]

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Polizeros Radio. Libya, Pakistan CIA arrest, US Uncut

Topics: Maybe Qadaffi should be assassinated. But the US shouldn’t do it. Libyans don’t appear to want outside help and may well be able to do it themselves. This is as it should be. But what if US military made available to all photos of Libyan troop movements? CIA operative Raymond Davis was  arrested in […]

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Polizeros Radio. Middle East protests, Pakistan, Wisconsin

Middle East protests may topple more governments but the underlying problems of poverty, rising prices, and income disparities will remain. Will the outcome for many of these countries be something like Pakistan is now? And who is Raymond Davis, supposed diplomat who killed two Pakistanis with highly accurate shots and is now jailed there? Labor […]

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