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Credit: WaPo/ABC

Obama now least popular president since Nixon

Obama’s approval rating is 43%, with disapproval at 55%, worse than any president since Nixon. Congressional approval is way worse, at an abysmal 16%. However, a genuine budget is about to pass for the first time in years and appears to finally be functioning as it should. So maybe this is a low point […]

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The Tea Party Economist says Obama is not Marxist

In a detailed post showing serious understanding of Marxism, Gary North presents the basic tenets of Marxism then shows how Obama isn’t even slightly Marxist. He also traces Obama’s docility and compliance to corporate power back to the early 1990’s when he and Michelle were both disbarred. North believes there is a smoking gun there. […]

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‘Obama That I Used To Know’ video going viral

An anonymous video on YouTube by a user with no other videos is both bashing Obama for failing to keep promises and currently has 600,000 views and growing. “But the change I got is that I moved in with my mother … Your speeches never soar as high as unemployment …you left me like a […]

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