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Fukushima radiation leaks spike, officials baffled as to why

The Fukushima situation is normal, in the SNAFU sense of “normal.” Perhaps you’ve heard that radiation levels of the water leaving the Fukushima, Japan, nuclear power plane and flowing into the Pacific Ocean have risen by roughly 9,000 per cent. Turns out, that’s probably putting a good face on it. By official measurement, the water coming […]

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Nuclear waste tank may be leaking at Hanford Site

Nuclear power makes a great carbon-free energy source except for that little matter of radioactive waste, like at the mostly decommissioned Hanford Site. [Washington Governor] Inslee said Secretary Ernest Moniz informed him June 20 that the department “discovered what appears to be an elevated contamination level reading in the leak detection pit outside and adjacent […]

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Nuclear power is necessary to combat climate change

The Breakthrough Institute and other major environmentalists say we need nuclear power to stop climate change because renewables will not be able to replace fossil fuels. Renewable energy can’t scale to meet the hundreds of gigawatts of 24/7 power needed to transition to clean energy. Plus it is expensive, once you factor in the humongous grid upgrades […]

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Pandora’s Promise. Major environmentalists turn pro-nuclear

Pandora’s Promise, opening soon, documents five major environmentalists who changed their views and now are pro-nuclear. The gap between the amount of power produced fossil fuels vs. renewables is so huge it simply can’t be closed. Thus Stewart Brand and Michael Shellenberger, among others, have taken a second look at nuclear power and find it […]

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California electricity shortages coming this summer

California pretends to be a crunchy granola wonderland of renewable energy. The reality is the vast bulk of its power comes from natural gas and imported coal and hydro power, with electricity shortages almost certainly coming soon. Idled nuclear plants and less hydroelectric power due to drought will create power shortages in throughout California this summer. […]

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