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How drug cartels launder money, manipulate stock prices

This sobering report from Chatham House details the various ways DTOs (Drug Trafficking Organizations) launder money, manipulate stock prices, and turn dirty money into minty fresh clean money. Drug cartels have multitudes of businesses, some of which may have legitimate income. Invoices and contracts are created, money is received. However, the services provided are fictitious. […]

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Italy bans Vatican bank card payments due to money laundering

Would it be too much for the Vatican to stop attacking gays and molesting children long enough to institute those anti-money laundering provisions at the Vatican Bank they’ve been promising they’ll get around to one of these decades? Apparently so. Italian authorities have stopped all electronic payments inside the Vatican City after the Bank of […]

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Egypt has now imprisoned more banksters than the US

Egypt’s former interior minister, Habib el-Adli, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for profiteering and money laundering, the state-run Nile News reported. When will there be criminal indictments against banksters who launder money here? Wachovia got a slap on the wrist fine for laundering drug cartels billions. Yet no one went to prison.

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