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Mexico Drug Trafficking Organizations Threaten Country

These excerpts are from a sobering report on Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) from the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress titled Mexico’s Drug Trafficking Organizations: Source and Scope of the Rising Violence The two big cartels are Sinaloa and Los Zetas. Sinaloa prefers to corrupt while the Zetas terrorize to get their way. […]

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Must-read blogs about border security and the drug war

My latest for AZIVN, the new project from CAIVN, focusing on Arizona. While the mainstream media can do an excellent job of reporting about what’s happening on the Mexico side of the border, and about the ever-escalating drug wars, there are a number of blogs that provide critical information and viewpoints you might not find […]

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Legalizing marijuana won’t kill the drug cartels

Sylvia Longmire in the New York Times. Marijuana makes up 60 percent of the cartels’ profits, that still leaves another 40 percent, which includes the sale of methamphetamine, cocaine, and brown-powder and black-tar heroin. If marijuana were legalized, the cartels would still make huge profits from the sale of these other drugs. Plus, there’s no […]

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The roots of organized crime in Mexico is the State

Borderland Beat Organized crime in Mexico today did not form itself in a vacuum, its structure originates from the police and security forces of the Mexican State. That is why this drug war is so bloody and extends to all levels of government and society. The last 30 years of the PRI regime incubated the […]

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Mexico drug war

Scan the headlines in Borderland Beat, a “blog dedicated to the reporting of organized crime on the border line between the US and Mexico,” then ask yourself if the US will somehow be immune from the tsunami of violence and corruption currently overwhelming Mexico. But the US will do little or nothing until it’s too […]

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The failed war on drugs and corruption in the US Charles Bowden, author of Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy’s New Killing Fields talks about how there are now 25,000 retail outlets for drugs in Tijuana now, that 23,000 have been killed recently in Mexico as a result of the drug wars, and how US border policies are a failure with corruption […]

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