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Indoor marijuana growing uses 8% of California electricity

One more reason to legalize marijuana: Secretive indoor growing uses prodigious amounts of electricity and generates large amounts of greenhouse gases. Nationwide, indoor grow houses use 1% of all electricity with usage in California a whopping 8%. “If improved practices applicable to commercial agricultural greenhouses are any indication, such large amounts of energy are not […]

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Humboldt marijuana farm diverted creek, killed fish

Let’s legalize marijuana which will, among other things, put an end to the environmental damage done by growers now. Charges for alleged water diversions, oil pollution and marijuana cultivation along a creek in the Mattole River watershed are being sought against four Ettersberg residents, authorities said Wednesday. This farm was relatively small, 1050 plants, $200,000 […]

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Billions for banksters and war, but don’t you be toking

Federal prosecutors are sending letters to landlords renting space to legal-by-California law grow rooms saying their property could be seized if they don’t evict the tenants. Gosh, it’s almost like they want the Mexican drug cartels to control all the growing. Because that’s exactly what will happen. It gets even crazier. A House committee has […]

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Private land: New frontier in California pot wars

A little-spoken-of war is taking place behind California’s fences and property lines – trespassing marijuana growers are setting booby traps, resorting to violence and vandalism, and spoiling the land by stealing water and spraying dangerous chemicals that leach into streams. The growers, who are usually are Mexican drug cartels, often send boys under 18 to […]

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The carbon footprint of indoor marijuana production

Cannabis production results in energy expenditures of $5 billion each year, with electricity use equivalent to that of 2 million average U.S. homes. This corresponds to 1% of national electricity consumption or 2% of that in households. A single Cannabis cigarette represents 2 pounds of CO2 emissions, an amount equal to running a 100-watt light […]

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23,000 dead in Mexico’s drug wars (and how we caused it)

Any economist armed with basic macroeconomic theory could explain how U.S. drug policies create the perverse incentives that have fueled the violence- and how to fix these policies to end the carnage. Legalizing marijuana in California would be a tremendous step in the right direction. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, economists understand that legalizing marijuana […]

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