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It’s on: Harvey Milk Day bill under attack

This again? OK, folks, time to man up. Or woman up. Just get up, and listen. Noted hate group Catholic Exchange, a site that promotes bigotry and homophobia under a simulacrum of God, is asking its followers to demand Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto Senator (and future Mayor of San Francisco?) Mark Leno’s “Harvey Milk […]

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Prop 8 ruling. What’s next?

SFist Matt Baume (SFist and SFAppeal contributor, founder, and one of the leading voice in the fight against prop. 8) created this helpful film that explains today’s Prop 8 ruling and what our next steps. Please visit for more information about today’s ruling.

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128 gays to be executed in Iraq

Their “crime”? Being gay. Update: The site referenced by SFist is a blog with just a few posts, and it asks for donations. They cite an Amnesty article as their source, but Amnesty says that 128 will be executed, but does not mention gays. Not once. Something here isn’t right.

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Anita Bryant and Sarah Palin

Anita gets a pie in the face. 1977. Well there’s no real difference between Anita Bryant and Sarah Palin, is there? Except maybe that Bryant can utter repeated coherent sentences without a teleprompter, that is. Both are reactionary bigots who hide their hatreds behind a pious cloak of extreme right wing religiosity. Anita Byrant was […]

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Milk. The movie

Sue and I saw Milk last night. It’s everything you’ve heard about it. Stunning. Go see it. One major political point. In 1978 it looked like Prop 6 (the Briggs Initiative) would pass in California. It was a viciously homophobic proposition backed by conservative churches and fronted by John Briggs, a reactionary Orange County politician. […]

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