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It’s on: Harvey Milk Day bill under attack

harvey milk

This again?

OK, folks, time to man up. Or woman up. Just get up, and listen. Noted hate group Catholic Exchange, a site that promotes bigotry and homophobia under a simulacrum of God, is asking its followers to demand Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto Senator (and future Mayor of San Francisco?) Mark Leno’s “Harvey Milk Day” bill.

Brock Keeling at SFist details how to call, email, and tweet Schwarzenegger, and where to sign online petitions. Do it now.

Look, you have to understand one thing about these people: they have such an intense loathing for gays that they can’t even stand to have to acknowledge that gays even exist, or are capable of accomplishing anything. If they succeed in getting the bill vetoed, things will, inarguably, get worse. Much worse.

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Prop 8 ruling. What’s next?


Matt Baume (SFist and SFAppeal contributor, Stop8.org founder, and one of the leading voice in the fight against prop. 8) created this helpful film that explains today’s Prop 8 ruling and what our next steps. Please visit Stop8.org for more information about today’s ruling.

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Prop 8 upheld, existing same sex marriages valid

As expected

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People get ready

California Supreme Court to rule on Proposition 8 Tuesday.

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Sun moves backwards in sky

Same-sex marriage momentum building, Utah activists say

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The Colbert Coalition’s anti-gay marriage ad

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Colbert Coalition’s Anti-Gay Marriage Ad
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor NASA Name Contest

“There is a storm coming, and pretty soon the winds are going to be blowing each other…”

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128 gays to be executed in Iraq

Their “crime”? Being gay.

Update: The site referenced by SFist is a blog with just a few posts, and it asks for donations. They cite an Amnesty article as their source, but Amnesty says that 128 will be executed, but does not mention gays. Not once.

Something here isn’t right.

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YesOnEquality launches 2010 Marriage Equality Initiative


From Paige Cabral via Facebook. She was one of the main organizers of the No on Prop 8 rallies in San Francisco right after it passed.

A couple of us on campus here at UCD have started up Yes on Equality, a non-profit group promoting California’s Official 2010 Marriage Equality Initiative. We officially submitted the initiative yesterday and in about 10 days we’ll be getting the petition sheet to collect signatures.

We need 680,000 signatures to get on the ballot and we’re going to need help collecting signatures and spreading the word, especially on college campuses.

They also have a Facebook group, Yes! on Equality

Let’s get started.

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Anita Bryant and Sarah Palin

Anita gets a pie in the face. 1977.

Well there’s no real difference between Anita Bryant and Sarah Palin, is there? Except maybe that Bryant can utter repeated coherent sentences without a teleprompter, that is. Both are reactionary bigots who hide their hatreds behind a pious cloak of extreme right wing religiosity.

Anita Byrant was the spokesperson for the virulent anti-gay ballot measures of the 1970’s. They achived several wins across the country and California was supposed to be their crowning vicory when the loathsome Prop 6 passed. It would have banned gays from teaching and even would have banned anyone who supported them.

It was only by huge and massive organizing from the gay community led by Harvey Milk, Tom Ammiano, and others that Prop 6 was defeated. This is all detailed in Milk, which I saw last night. It’s still with me, I’m still thinking about it.

BTW, Dan White wanted to kill four people. He was also gunning for Willie Brown and another supervisor, Carol Ruth Silver. His motive was probably mostly vengeance at not being reinstated after he resigned. Dianne Feinstein, who was first to find the bodies, has said he was bi-polar. While all that is no doubt true, his pathology, like that of Anita Bryant and Sarah Palin, was encouraged and abetted by extreme right wing fundamentalism.

Their sickness is still here. The Religious Right threw everything they had at Obama but it bounced back and slimed them instead. Something shifted in America during the 2008 election. Let’s make sure it stays that way.

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Milk. The movie

Sue and I saw Milk last night. It’s everything you’ve heard about it. Stunning. Go see it.

One major political point. In 1978 it looked like Prop 6 (the Briggs Initiative) would pass in California. It was a viciously homophobic proposition backed by conservative churches and fronted by John Briggs, a reactionary Orange County politician.

The original No on 6 flyers and ads framed it as a civil rights issue only, with no mention of gays. Milk and others refused to go along with this, saying if the general populace realized they knew gays, even just one, that Prop 6 would fail.

A huge coalition of predominantly progressive grassroots activists, led by out gay San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, teacher (later Supervisor of SF Board of Supervisors) Tom Ammiano, activist Hank Wilson, and many others, under the slogan “come out! come out! wherever you are!“, mobilized to defeat the Initiative.

Gay men and lesbians came out to their families and their neighbors and their co-workers, spoke in their churches and community centers, sent letters to their local editors, and otherwise revealed to the general population that gay people really were “everywhere” and included people they already knew and cared about.

The Briggs Initiative which had been expected to win by a huge margin ended up losing by a huge margin. Even Ronald Reagan eventually opposed it.

Yet the recent No on Prop 8 campaign made the same mistake that No on 6 almost made, framing it as a civil rights issue only and not mentioning gays and lesbians in the ads. Nor did No on Prop 8 organizers do the same kind of massive outreach and organizing that No on 6 did.

But they will next time, I’m guessing.

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