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Keystone XL vs lethal Lone Star threat

    Texas Supreme Court poised to save planet. Keystone XL pipeline ruling could avert any choice by Obama Most of the Keystone XL chatter these days is about the U.S. State Department fantasy that tapping the tar sands of Canada will be a benign blessing for America and the world. But almost no one mentions […]

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Arkansas oil spill won’t stop Keystone XL pipeline

The Arkansas oil spill and the Canadian train carrying crude oil that derailed won’t stop the Obama Administration from ok’ing the Keystone XL pipeline, no matter how much deluded liberal think if they can just get the message to Obama that this time will be different. So, look at the Arkansas neighborhood. This is what […]

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Foggy Bottom shuck and jive. Keystone XL pipeline safe

Secretary of State John Kerry promised a “transparent” assessment of the Keystone XL pipeline, and now the State Department has delivered on that promise – with a transparently fraudulent [1]“environmental impact statement”[1] which, according one critic, “makes no mention of the [pipeline’s] impact on the world’s climate.” After meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird […]

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Keystone XL protester interrupts pipeline conference on faulty welds

Sunlight shines through faulty welds in the pipe of Keystone XL’s Gulf Coast pipeline leg, according to members of the Tar Sands Blockade, who are offering, as proof, photographs they say they took from inside the pipe on December 3. Ramsey Sprague, a young Texan with the Blockade, dramatically made this claim at a pipeline industryconference in Houston, shortly after it […]

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Oil over people in Texas – Keystone Pipeline goes forward

Michael Bishop was ready for his day in court against TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline, which is under construction in East Texas and approaching his homestead.  The only trouble was – the court wasn’t ready. By the time TransCanada attorneys and Bishop, the former Marine representing himself, showed up at the Nacogdoches County Court on December 19 […]

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Keystone XL: Crime Against Humanity?

BI-PARTISAN SENATORS URGE PRESIDENT TO IGNORE SCIENCE AND SUPPORT KEYSTONE XL Based on the same publicly available scientific information, the World Bank issues a report calling for prompt action to ward off global warming, a coalition of the world’s largest investors calls on governments to act promptly to ward off global warming, the United Nations […]

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