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Is JPMorgan a bank or a criminal enterprise?

So far, no high level banksters have gone to prison for their roles in the financial fraud and collapse. Thousands of bankers went to prison during the S&L scandal of the 1980’s. The feds are finally making noises about filing criminal charges. But these must be against people and not just against the corporations. We […]

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JPMorgan trading loss now between $6-9 billion

Estimates of the JPMorgan trading loss continue to climb. This is the very same JPMorgan who originally said losses were $1.5 billion or so and whose CEO Jamie Dimon used to preen arrogantly about how they had the best risk managagement of any investment bank. Losses on JPMorgan Chase’s bungled trade could total as much […]

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JPMorgan losses could be $7 billion now

If you add in the drop in the stock price, then JPMorgan losses are more like $30 billion. Obama is of course mute when it comes to criticizing the banksters, especially when it involves an old pal like JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. Dimon, in his comments on Monday, said the bank wasn’t going to keep […]

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JPMorgan losses at least $5 billion and growing

JP Morgan’s loss in risky derivatives originally estimated at $2 billion is now $5 billion and could well go higher. In addition, they have another $100 billion in risky bonds. This from the bank that had a sterling reputation for managing risk. CEO Jamie Dimon told the traders to take on more risk, so they […]

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The mad Captain Dimon vs. the London Whale

Jonathan Turley reflects upon the vengeance Moby Dick delivered to Captain Ahab. Now Dimon is expected to blame the whale rather than his own anti-reform position. It is not the first time that a mad leader personified his own failings. If you haven’t read Moby Dick, why he’s just getting warmed up in the picture…

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JPMorgan. Rats in the granary and executive suites

JPMorgan has lost at least $2 billion in deranged derivatives trades. Despite all the pretend reform by the government, nothing has changed on Wall Street and the feds are still asleep at the wheel, no doubt deliberately so. Now we know the truth about Wall Street: It’s just kids playing with dynamite. Yesterday’s JP Morgan implosion […]

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We are banksters, we don’t follow no stinking laws

We now have confirmed instances, including 911 calls, of banks hiring people to break into homes where the foreclosure has not yet taken place, and in some instances, they’re breaking into the wrong house. That’s illegal – until the bank has a court order giving them possession, they don’t have possession and they have no […]

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