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Big hydropower has huge unintended consequences

Big hydropower dams are not only hugely destructive while being built, they have disastrous environmental consequences after completion. Scientific American details the Three Gorges Dam Disaster in China in a 2008 article citing problems like less rain and more droughts, increased chance of earthquakes and landslides, and potential for spreading of disease. The vast weight […]

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Huge hydro power dams change the weather around them

Guri, a ginormous hydro project in Venezuela, ended up producing far less power than anticipated. Bruce Krasting asked a friend at the World Bank what happened. BK: Where’s the juice at Guri? WB: Bad question to ask. The rainfall that historically fed the region has changed its pattern and annual flow. There are some who […]

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California’s installed renewable energy numbers may surprise you

If asked what type of renewable energy is most prevalent in California, most would choose solar or wind, but in reality, those two forms of renewable energy aren’t even close. Instead, the current California champion for renewable energy is geothermal, followed by small hydro. Say what? As an example, on Wednesday May 4, 2011, geothermal […]

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Why we need stored power for electricity

Bonneville Power may have to shut down wind turbines because too much power is being produced by wind and hydro. If they let excess water flow over spillways this could raise nitrogen levels in the water, harming fish. So instead, they will turn off the wind turbines. If we had a grid that allowed large […]

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