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Terry Jones banned from protesting in front of Detroit mosque

Burning a Koran is front of a mosque is a deliberate incitement to violence. The US allows far more freedom of speech than most countries. Germany, for example, bans any favorable reference to Nazism. Even here in the US, there is not complete freedom of speech. You cannot threaten violence against someone or advocate the […]

Britain jails extremist who burned Koran

A convicted racist who burned a Koran in front of city centre shoppers has been jailed for 70 days after a judge described the act as “theatrical bigotry”. He is a member of the virulently racist and arguably fascist English Defence League. Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, who is Scottish and part of our weekly Polizeros […]

On Terry Jones wanting to put Mohammed on trial

Steve Hynd, in a fine rant, says Terry Jones is trying to provoke violence in the Muslim world, and the US legal is too lame and too mired in 18th century constitutional fetishism to stop him. He blasts Andrew Exum, who happily says that US soldiers can die to defend the supposed free speech of […]

Does free speech include the right to mouth off like Terry Jones

Stve Hynd, a Polizeros Radio blogging partner, says Terry Jones’ inflammatory burning of Korans perhaps should not be protected by freedom of speech. Some thoughts. 1) Jones’ church has about 50 members. For the mainstream media to give him such slavish and devoted coverage is twisted and deranged, and more evidence, if any be needed […]

Milblogs go silent today in protest

Many milblogs (blogs written by those serving in the US armed forces) will be silent today in protest against “an increasingly hostile environment from within the military” and in particular the “treatment of milblogger C.J. Grisham of A Soldier’s Perspective” who now needs money for his legal defense. Freedom of speech means everyone has the […]

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