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Democrats could have passed a budget in 2010

Congressional Democrats prepare to spar with Republicans

A mixture of Republican stubbornness and Democratic timidity has brought us to this point. Democratic leaders could have passed a budget before the 2010 elections or during the lame-duck Congress, when they held large Congressional majorities, but by punting on the issue, they empowered the new House Republican majority, whose number-one issue in the 2010 election was cutting government spending.

Those fighting poodles of the Democratic Party have, as usual, caved before the Republicans, allowing them to set the agenda. This is not so much because congrssional Democrats are craven, although they certainly are, but primarily because they are complicit and basically agree with the Republican agenda.

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That $100 billion the Republicans want to slash from the budget?

It’s chump change. The federal budget is $3.4 trillion. Jumping up and down like an angry orangutan and demanding cuts of $100 billion is merely political theater and posturing and will accomplish nothing of substance.

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