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A Facebook update in real life

For everyone driven to distraction by Facebook constantly re-arranging everything. A friend says, how would Mark Zuckerberg like it if I went to his house and rearranged all his furniture? Be careful what you ask for. It could happen to you.

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Barrons says Facebook is worth $15 a share

I completely agree. Based on earnings, or even realistic projected earnings, Facebook was worth nowhere near the $32 IPO price. Facebook is worth $15 a share. The stock trades at $22 now so it’s still overvalued. “Anyone who owns Facebook should be exceptionally troubled that they’re still trying to ‘figure out’ mobile monetization and had […]

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Facebook and its stock price

Facebook stock is now worth about half its IPO price, less than the price many employees were vested at. Henry Blodget details what holders of the stock can expect, which is a long wait, among other things. Just be thankful you weren’t one of the poor schlubs who bought Facebook at 38 when it IPO’ed. […]

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Snark of the Day. The Facebook IPO

“Great news for the world’s poor, Bono is about to become a billionaire, I’m sure he’s going to practice what he preaches,” says Andy Carling on Facebook A commenter notes “The difference between God and Bono is that God doesn’t think he’s Bono…”

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Facebook IPO won’t help California budget problems

It’s happening again. Hugely optimistic expectations of revenue for California didn’t materialize so Sacramento is scrambling to find some way, any possible way, to balance the budget. The state needs to find $3.3 billion by March to meet obligations. Lawmakers and the governor, as always, over-estimated revenue and under-estimated expenses. But now the bills must […]

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Facebook’s new energy efficient datacenter

Robert Scoble tours the datacenter, which was built using Open Compute Project standards and best practices for energy efficiency. One of the most significant features of the facility was that Facebook eliminated the centralized UPS system found in most data centers. “In a typical data center, you’re taking utility voltage, you’re transforming it, you’re bringing […]

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How Facebook works

Pingdom has a fascinating, detailed article on the software Facebook uses to run what is now the world’s largest website, much of which is open source. How big is Facebook? They have half a billion active users, serve 570 billion page views a month, and over 1.2 million images a second.

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