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Electric motorcycle – police version

zero electric motorcycle police vrsion
The Zero electric motorcycle now has a police version which, because it is ultra quiet, is good for riding in parks in populated areas without disturbing those in nearby homes and is also good for sneaking up on people

Range is 125 miles in the city and 75 on the highway which is tolerable for what essentially is a fleet vehicle. Plus it has a fast charger. But still, that is a rather limited range. Electric vehicles, in my view, will probably end up thriving in a mostly niche mode as city transportation cars and delivery vehicles.

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Killajoule electric motorcycle breaks 200 mph at Bonneville

Credit: gas2.org

[Eva HÃ¥kansson’s] custom built Killajoule 3-wheeled electric motorcycle took to an official top speed of 191.4 mph, and briefly broke 200 mph, solidifying her place in the record books.

Killajoule is powered by a 250 horsepower electric motor and 214 pounds of cordless drill batteries. Her 3-wheeled beast hit 216 mph during the run, only 3 mph less than the fastest conventional 3-wheeled motorcycles.

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Electric motorcycle: not cheap, kicks ass

Gas 2.0 has more on the $38,000 Lightning Motorcycles’ barely street legal electric beast capable of 218 mph.

Motorcycle.com gave one of its writer/riders a chance to take the Lightning for a spin. His review can be summed up in six words; “Oh my god that is so fast!”

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Two Prius batteries in an electric motorcycle

It did the quarter mile at a speed equal to a Tesla Roadster. Autobloggreen has more.

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World’s fastest electric motorcycle. 190 mph in one mile

The Swigz Pro Racing bike set an unofficial world’s record for electric motorcycles at Mojave recently reaching over 190 mph in one mile. They’d been hoping for 200+ mpg, but crosswinds slowed them down.

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Electric motorcycle, superbus, ATV bike, and mini scooter!

The godfather of electric motorcycles. Gas 2.0 has more, including the video how to smoke a Mavizen electric motorcycle tire.

155 mph electric superbus. Dutch students are designing and now testing the cross between an electric muscle car and a luxury limo. With 800 hp, it can do 155 mph.

Electric ATV bikes. The Hanebrink is is highly portable, ATV electric bike that will go 20 miles on a charge.

BMW electric mini scooter. It comes with a smart phone docking station, GPS, and microphone and headset, and is obviously made for urban hipsters.

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Electric motorcycle does 165 mph 7.77 seconds in 1/4 mile

Orange County Choppers builds a winner. Your move, Killacycle.

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New electric motorcycle. 100 mph+. 100 mile range

The Brammo Empulse pushes speed and distance limits on electric motorcycles. It still can’t match gas-powered motorcycles for distance, but can almost certainly take anything off the line at a stop light. EVs have full torque at zero rpm, which means full power instantly from a standing stop.

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World’s most advanced electric motorcycle

The MotoCzysz E1pc has a top speed of 140 mph and will race in the motorcycle-killer Isle of Man TT this week along with its internal combustion cousins. The batteries can be swapped out in seconds and it has a nearly direct connection between the throttle and rear wheel.

The batteries are hand assembled by a company that develops for NASA and its electric motor runs at nearly 500 volts which is powerful enough to turn a wrench into a pile of molten metal.

Electric vehicles have full torque at zero RPM which means they have full power instantly from a standing stop.

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Killacycle heads to New Zealand for electric motorcycle showdown

Killacycle, which holds a record’s world of 169mph in the quarter mile for electric motorcycles, will race Afterburner as part of an educational tour.

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