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Education in our time of turmoil, more important than ever

Smart thoughts by an educator on why, in a time when it is obvious the US empire is crumbling, that education becomes crucially important. (Read these excerpts first, then click through to see who wrote it. You may be surprised  ) David Brooks, the moderate “human face” of the plutocrats and the dangerous fang faction, […]

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Substandard American education threatens national security

The continued failure of the United States to provide decent education to its citizens threatens national security, says a recent report by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR.) The study was co-chaired by Joel I. Klein, former head of New York City public schools and Condoleezza Rice, former US Secretary of State. The report is […]

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Philadelphia School District closes, students screwed

Our educational system continues to disintegrate. Philadelphia will shut 40 schools next year and 6 per years after that until 2017 due to funding shortfalls and mismanagement. Their school district is shutting down. That’s right, shutting down. Their Chief Recovery Officer says “There’s a redefinition, and we’ll get to that later.” Apparently the Education Fairy […]

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Dueling education tax measures for California ballot

You may be startled to learn that California ranks at the very bottom in spending on education as compared to other states. It is 50th in the nation, dead last, in students per teacher and librarian, 49th in students per guidance counselor, and not above 45th is other categories. Clearly, California has been going wrong […]

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Promoting critical thinking and academic symbiosis in education

One of the characteristics of our educational system has different subjects put into neat separate boxes. Math, reading, art, science. Today, we see much more blurriness and convergence between subjects like science, religion, philosophy. This “Gnostic syncretism”—the combining of knowledge—is especially apparent when teasing out the details surrounding revolutionary innovations. The inspiration that leads to […]

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Our educational system is inadequate and counter-productive

From Bill Gross, Managing Director of Pimco, in another of his wondrous monthly rants. American citizens and its universities have experienced an ivy-laden ivory tower for the past half century. Students, however, can no longer assume that a four year degree will be the golden ticket to a good job in a global economy that […]

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Climate Change: How bad can it be?

It is easy to become lulled into intellectual somnolence by the seemingly gradual changes we are incurring in our weather. After all, just how bad can a couple of degrees be? Oh, we wake up every once in a while when our catastrophe leads media reports on some hurricane, flood or tornado, especially if the […]

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Changing education paradigms

This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin award. Truly amazing, fun to watch, filled with ideas how to change education.

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2010 Midterms: Jobs vs. Wars in California

California’s budget crisis is actually much less than they’re spending on the war in Afghanistan. $26 billion for the budget vs $38 billion for war. And what do they get for it? It’s not better to live in California thanks to the war. It’s actually getting much, much worse.

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