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Young Thai men emulating Mexican cholos

It’s a fashion thing, apparently. A subculture of Thai men think it’s empowering to dress up like Mexican gangsters. However, their version of a gang seems more like a fellowship club, as they stress they never do anything wrong. Do they have any clue just how violent drug cartels are? A curious new trend has […]

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Drug cartels are transnational, sophisticated, corporate

Rafael Cardenas Vela, an important member of the Gulf Cartel, is testifying in Brownsville TX, hoping to avoid decades in escape-proof US prisons. The organization structures of the drug cartels are like that of big businesses (which they surely are.) Thus, arrests of key members don’t cripple the organization because new people simply fill the […]

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US military intervenes in Guatemala Drug War

In a major escalation of the war against drug cartels, US Marines are now involved in the Guatemala drug war, aiming to stop drug shipments by airplane and boat. About 200 Marines are there with the express permission of the Guatemala government. It’ll be the Marines vs Los Zetas drug smugglers. The Zetas are well-trained, […]

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El Sicario. Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin

El Sicario killed and tortured hundreds of people for a Mexican drug cartel. After years of debauchery, violence, and unquestioned obedience to the cartel bosses he finally couldn’t do it any more, became a Christian, and left the life knowing one false move means he will be their prey and that he and his family will […]

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