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Predatory capitalism goes wild

What happens when death becomes profitable? Like in buying specially-discounted bonds using a terminally ill person to get the discount. This happening. Now. What could possible go wrong (except if granny takes an unfortunate stumble down the stairs, that is…) Senator Corker defends loan sharks. In a bizarre coincidence, they are major players in his […]

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The Father of Capitalism did not believe in unrestrained capitalism

Adam Smith believed governments can and should intervene, that oversight is crucial, and excess political influence from economic power was dangerous. Of course, what we have now is hardly capitalism, but more like a kleptocracy where money gets siphoned to a few who are stealing from the many. With high-frequency trading dominating the market, frontrunning, […]

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The Tragedy of the Commons not so tragic after all.

Elinor Ostrom became the first woman to win the Nobel in Economics earlier this week. Her work refuting the “Tragedy of the Commons” validates basic anarchist and Left Libertarian principles. For those of us trying to look beyond the magic of the market and the inherent problems with government regulation her work provides some great […]

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The Gospel according to Goldman

As a graduate in theology, I was interested to read that Goldman Sachs believes the Gospels promote self interest. However, I have learned there is an apocryphal basis for that position.  It turns out that biblical archaeologists have unearthed a little-known text that offers a somewhat different understanding of the teachings of Jesus.  In this […]

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More on Capitalism A Love Story

Joseph Childers thinks Michael Moore blew a huge opportunity to get some truth and real debate out there. Michael Moore has wasted not just millions of dollars and two hours of my time. He’s wasted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity We are at an unprecedented moment in history right now: where the corrupt and immoral economic superstructure […]

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Capitalism is Dying. James McMurtry

James McMurtry, “We Can’t Make It Here Anymore.” Singer James McMurtry‘s, “Capitalism is Dying” essay on Blurt.(These are excerpts, read the whole thing) Capitalism is dying, boy. It’s dying of its own internal contradictions.[He was, after all, a Wall Street financier, so I listened carefully.] You think the revolution’s gonna take five years. It’s gonna […]

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What we have now isn’t capitalism

(By DJ, promoted from the comments here to America’s love affair with capitalism a fatal attraction?) Before we talk about America’s self-destructive love affair with capitalism, we need to define it. So many still fail to make the distinction between capitalism, as envisioned by its “father” as markets regulated by a central government, and economic […]

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