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25% of Californians support counties wanting to secede

The mockers may wish to stop ignoring the growing secession movement in California. It’s got legs. Two northern California counties have already voted in favor of secession and several others are considering it. They want to form a new state called Jefferson. A surprising 25% of Californians support them, according to the respected Field Poll. […]

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State of California has a serious water worker shortage

The problem is California state pay for water workers is so much lower than industry standards that state employees with experience immediately get hired for substantially more pay at private utilities. The result is a growing California water worker shortage This costs the California tens of millions, not just in lost training money, but also […]

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California Central Valley water cuts will lead to food lines

When there’s not enough water to supply everyone, water cutbacks to farms mean unemployment in agricultural areas of California. Central Valley allotments from the Sacramento Delta to the Central Valley were cut to 20%. This does not meant a 20% cut to 80% of allotment. They are receiving 20% of their total allotment, an 80% cut, this […]

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California public pension reform approved by legislature

Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign AB 340, a bill enacting landmark California public pension reform. In a rare show of bipartisan cooperation, the bill passed overwhelmingly on Friday with major support from both parties. The Senate vote was 38-1 and the Assembly cleared it by 66-9. Some conservatives felt the bill did not […]

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California Workers’ Comp overhaul happening in secrecy

California’s Workers’ Compensation is facing major changes if a bill scheduled for this week comes up for debate and then passes. Veteran Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters says renegotiating of workers’ comp benefits for injured workers happens about every ten years with the current battle no different from the divisive fight in 2004. However, this […]

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Jerry Brown about to ignite mother of all California water wars

The Sacramento Delta is ground zero for California water wars. California Gov. Jerry Brown will soon announce plans to build massive tunnels to siphon water away from the Delta and to Central Valley cropland and the ever-thirsty Southland. The tunnels would siphon water using three intakes on the Sacramento River below Freeport, carry it some […]

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Pension reform earthquake in California, other cities will follow

Voters in San Jose and San Diego Tuesday overwhelmingly approved public pension reform for their cities. It was beyond a landslide. These results send a clear and unmistakable message to municipalities everywhere that are struggling to meet pension obligations. If pension reform can pass in major California cities, it can pass anywhere. Cities and counties […]

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