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Breaking Bad. Meth dealers as anti-heroes? I don’t get it

I just watched Breaking Bad for the first time. It’s excellent writing and acting, to be sure, but they’re all dirtbags, aren’t they? Besides, real-life meth cookers and dealers are generally sleazier and more treacherous than portrayed on the show, and are usually strung out too.

So, I don’t get Breaking Bad unless you want to cop vicarious thrills about a world you know nothing about. Me, I was strung out on meth once and that world holds no glamour or romance for me. I’m glad I got out alive.

Old Crow Medicine Show. Methamphetamine

Times they ain’t like nothing they used to be
From Rocky Mountain to Northeast Tennessee
Where the river flows with a dusty cold disease
And the babies whine ’cause they can’t find nothing to eat

But mama she ain’t hungry no more
She’s waiting for a knock on the trailer door

Its gonna rock you like a hurricane
It’s gonna rock you till you lose sleep
It’s gonna rock you till you’re out of a job
It’s gonna rock you till you’re out on the street

It’s gonna rock you till you’re down on your knees
It’s gonna have you begging pretty please
It’s gonna rock you like a hurricane

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