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Prickly Pear cactus as biogas energy source

Prickly Pear cactus is drought-resistant, can be grown where other crops die, and makes surprisingly good fuel for anerobic digestion, which then creates biogas. The cactus breaks down much faster than manure and is considered a nuisance in many areas now. It can be harvested, perhaps on commercial scale, to produce natural gas or generate […]

Garbage trucks to run on power generated by garbage it collects

Toronto introduces biogas garbage trucks which run on CNG or biogas. They hope to make enough biogas from the garbage to run their entire fleet of 300 garbage trucks. I find technology like this postively inspirational because it takes a problem (what to do with the garbage) and turns it into a solution.

San Antonio opens first US sewage to biogas pipeline

Why is it that Texas so totally gets it on energy while other states lurch around? Texas is the US leader in wind energy, has a completely self-contained power grid, is installing the first offshore wind power in the country, and now San Antonio is turning sewage into an income stream.

Biogas from cow dung to heat homes in the Netherlands

Poop from a dairy farm will be converted to biogas and will provide heat for up to 1,100 homes. Not only is this recycling at its best, it also saves diary farms time, money, and hassles because they don’t have to maintain gigantic manure ponds.

Biodigester. Cooking fuel from cow manure

This biodigester produces enough cooking gas for a family in Costa Rica from manure from grass-fed cows. That means they don’t have to buy gas they can barely afford and have to travel long distances to get. Seems like this could be used all over the world. Here’s how it works, with full instructions on […]

Biogas from sewage

Sweden gets 25% of their energy from biogas, and much of that comes from sewage. Yes, sewage. It powers cars and buses – and costs less than gasoline.

Electricity from trash

Waste Management is creating electricity from rotting garbage at 100 of its landfills, and plans more such projects. This is a double win, as the methane gas produced by the garbage has a 21 times worse greenhouse gas effect than carbon dioxide. But now it can be captured to create energy rather than being emitted […]

Banana methane powered cars

And more! Biogas can be produced any numbers of ways, often from that which would have been burned or put into landfills as waste. This includes animal and human waste too. In fact, biogas can be produced from landfills too.

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