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Obama ignores the Armenian genocide as have all presidents

Obama issued a statement Wednesday calling the Armenian genocide an atrocity, refusing to call it by its real name, which is “genocide.” The US government, in a craven and contemptible manner, has for decades refused to call it genocide, apparently for fear of upsetting Turkey. Like other presidents before him, Obama had indicated while campaigning […]

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House panel says Armenian deaths were genocide

This has been a long, time time coming… The House Foreign Affairs Committee voted narrowly on Thursday to condemn as genocide the mass killings of Armenians early in the last century, defying a last-minute plea from the Obama administration to forgo a vote that seemed sure to offend Turkey and jeopardize delicate efforts at Turkish-Armenian […]

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Armenian Genocide. Some background

Between one and one-and-a-half million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Empire in a mass extermination in 1915, now called the Armenian Genocide, that included death marches and prison camps. It is widely acknowledged to have been one of the first modern genocides, as many Western sources point to the systematic, organized manner in which […]

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Congressional Armenian Genocide resolutions are a cruel hoax

(Bill Paparian, former mayor of Pasadena CA, continues his guest posts on the continuing refusal of the US Congress to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide happened) Adam Schiff, Howard Berman, and Nancy Pelosi are perpetrating a cruel hoax upon the Armenian-American community. And we have allowed them to get away with it. With a wink and […]

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Bush won’t block Armenian genocide resolution

This even though he opposes the resolution. Interesting. (Since it’s a resolution, there’s nothing to veto, but apparently he’s chosen not to pressure House Republicans to oppose it.) Update: Here’s why. The Democrats, including Pelosi, are doing it for him.

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House panel passes Armenian genocide resolution

It now goes to the House floor, where Democratic leaders say there will be a vote by mid-November. There is a companion bill in the Senate, but both measures are strictly symbolic, and do not require the president’s signature. It should be noted that Bob Dole was the first member of Congress to put forward […]

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Armenian genocide vote Wednesday

A Congressional committee votes tomorrow on whether to recognize the Armenian genocide. Adam Schiff (D-CA) from the heavily Armenian area of Glendale / Pasadena is a primary sponsor of the bill. Meanwhile Jane Harman (DINO-CA) has done another of her usual flip-flops to the conservative side by now opposing the bill she once supported. Turkey […]

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Armenian genocide was model for Nazis

Systematic participation of doctors in state terrorism began with the Armenian genocide in Turkey in 1915. Medical personnel were directly involved in the killings, often participating in torture. Behaeddin Shakir and Mehmet Nazim established extermination squads staffed by criminals.The Armenian genocide provided the template for the Nazi holocaust, leading to the most notorious example of […]

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