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Biofuel breakthrough. Algae processed into crude oil in one hour

Researchers have developed a new biofuel manufacturing process, creating crude oil from wet algae in less than 60 minutes. Even better, byproducts from the process are recycled to aid in growing more algae. Unlike other methods, the algae does not need to be dried, saving time and money, and the system runs continuously, not in […]

Algae biofuel often uses petroleum-based fertilizer, is not sustainable

Algae biofuel production often uses petroleum-based NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus Potassium) fertilizers to grow algae. Over half of US NPK fertilizer is imported. In addition, algae biofuel facilities are generally based in deserts where the sun is strong and water scarce, yet it uses large amounts of water. It takes over three gallons to produce one gallon […]

Algae biofuel could displace petroleum diesel

Algae biofuel shows great promises but major problems exists. Biodiesel (fatty acid methyl ester) derived from oleaginous microbes—microalgae, yeast, and bacteria—can effectively displace both petroleum diesel and biodiesel produced from plant oils, according to the findings of a new study by a team from Utah State University. While this is excellent news, there is one […]

Algae biofuel research at Utah State

Researchers at the Energy Dynamics Lab at Utah State University are attempting to create a cost-effective biofuel made from Algae. This has the potential to change the future of transportation in America.

Algae biofuel. Possible breakthrough from Algae.Tec

Cost competitive biofuel from algae is one of the Holy Grails of renewable energy. If achieved, it would be a disruptive technology that changes energy forever. Australian company Algae.Tec says they may have a breakthrough. [their system] uses low maintenance technologies and an efficient solar system to produce algae in one tenth of the land […]

Algae biofuel being tested in container ships

Right now the Maersk Kalmar is en route from Northern Europe to India running a blend of algae-biofuel and petroleum-based fuel. At one point in the testing the ship will run on 100% biofuel. Maersk has been hugely proactive on switching to renewables. The US Navy is working with them on the test and plans […]

Trouble in the algae lab for Craig Venter and Exxon

Despite big investment, they’ve been unable to find naturally occurring algae that can be tweaked and used to product commercial-scale biofuel. “I believe that a fully synthetic cell approach will be the best way to get to a truly disruptive change,” Venter said. But getting there will cost huge amounts of money.

Algae biofuel tested on commercial scale

YouTube Micro algae are considered to be a promising future source of biofuel. The productivity of algae is much higher than that of normal crops, and they do not compete with food production. In order to develop the best possible production system for algae, the University of Wageningen opened a new and unique pilot plant: […]

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