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Why the Romney campaign was gobsmacked after losing

The Romney campaign was clueless, arrogant  and believed their own polls rather than the more objective independent polls. I’m convinced that the incompetents they had doing polls for them simply told the Romney campaign what it wanted to hear while collecting fat fees. This was made worse by their determined and persistent delusion that the electorate […]

Obama campaign tech infrastructure made Romney look lame

The Obama campaign used open source and the cloud to build a highly efficient powerhouse tech infrastructure. It was done in-house too, not outsourced, which gave them more control. They hired the best and the brightest, with good results. The online fundraising module, for example, was bulletproof – hardened, massively redundant, not dependent on other […]

Orca vs Narwhal. Obama campaign did disaster planning

Narwhal, the computer infrastructure essential to the Obama campaign, was tested, re-tested, and subject to disaster scenarios. It performed perfectly. Contrast this to the bumbling Romney campaign that attempted a lightweight platform called Orca that they didn’t even test and which failed miserably, and you see the differences between the campaigns. In fact, the day […]

Republican Gov. Jindal rejects Romney claims on ‘gifts’

Jindal is absolutely correct here. His pointblank rejection of Romney’s sore loser claims shows that Romney is now a has-been with little or no remaining juice or power. A now-doddering formerly Alpha male has been swatted aside by a new pack leader. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal forcefully rejected Mitt Romney’s claim that he lost because of […]

Romney ORCA failure shows ineptness of campaign

The abject failure of ORCA, the online Romney campaign tool for tracking votes on election day, highlights how the campaign had no freaking idea what it was doing and was probably arrogantly overconfident as well. Romney wanted to run the country when his campaign couldn’t even manage to put a working piece of software online? […]

Romney poll watcher on their Election Day failures and meltdowns

A Romney poll watcher details the near catastrophic level of disorganization on election day when an online and centralized system of checking who voted failed massively and clearly had not been tested. The Unmitigated Disaster Known As Project ORCA What is Project Orca? Well, this is what they told us: “Project ORCA is a massive undertaking – […]

Elections have consequences: cheating fails, but does reality win?

Election 2012 probably doesn’t prove anything. But it provides some evidence for the hopeful proposition that even when the game is rigged, the cheaters lose. Elections have consequences. MONEY.  Even though the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allowed gross amounts of money (almost $6 billion) from known and unknown donors to distort the process, few elections near the top […]

Obama reelection. Pardon me for intruding on the perkiness

The Obama reelection will change little.  This was a pretend election. The presidential candidates pretended to engage on issues. Neither candidate said anything substantive about the deficit or how to end the recession. Both studiously avoided any mention of enforcing existing criminal laws against obviously guilty banksters. Not a word was said about the serious […]

Race baiting and other scams in Texas

The headline was a grabber — “BREAKING: NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocates for President Obama.” The report that followed was certainly alarming:  on November 2, it said, people in NAACP shirts brought bottled water to voters at a polling place, then they moved some voters to the front of the line, spoke out […]

Romney lies about Chrysler, GM – gets kneecapped in return

When the presidential candidates are calling each other liars or something close to that, that’s hardly new – but a major American corporation all but calling a presidential candidate a liar, when did that happen before?  Never mind happening twice.  In one week.  Romney lies is their clear message. Widespread coverage of the story of the Chrysler Corporation’s flat contradiction of Mitt Romney’s campaign […]

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