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Cummins plans plug-in hybrid systems for heavy trucks

Plug-in hybrid systems for Class 6 trucks could boost mileage 50%. This would be a seriously big deal. Cummins is developing the technology now using a $4.5 million grant from the Department of Energy. If successful and implemented widely, this would cut trucking costs sharply and help the environment too. Imagine the savings in fuel […]

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Mr. Peabody’s coal mine might just go away

Peabody Energy, the biggest producer of coal in America, just missed an interest payment of $71 million and will almost certainly file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Their auditor says there is uncertainty about Peabody continuing as a going concern. Their big problem is enormous amounts of debt. As of Dec. 31 they had total debt of […]

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Segmented Ultralight Morphing Rotor with three blades

Nextgen wind turbines could have blades 656 feet long

The longest blades on current wind turbines are 300+ feet. Engineers are working on prototypes for ginormous turbines with amazing new technology. The blades would be 656 feet long, more than two football fields, with towers taller than the Empire State Building. Each turbine could output a prodigious 50 MW. There will be two blades, […]

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Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Plant

Concentrating Solar Power plant now online in Nevada

This is a big deal. Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Plant, the world’s first utility-scale concentrating solar power plant, is now online in Nevada producing power 24/7. Unlike solar photovoltaic, CSP can generate electricity continually. It does so by reflecting the heat of the sun to a central tower where the heat turns water into steam […]

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Renewable energy 24/7 from turbines in water pipes

Rentricity has the novel idea to put turbines in water pipes where the water flows downhill, providing a 24/7 source of renewable energy. Drinking, irrigation, and industrial water users are their target market. This is micro-hydro, small amounts of electricity is generated. However, it can be enough to help power a water treatment plant, as […]

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OTEC renewable energy development continues

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion doesn’t get much notice. However, especially for islands, it is a reliable way to generate renewable energy 24/7. OTEC creates electricity by using the difference in temperature between cold water at lower depths and warm water at the top, and can generate prodigious amounts of power. Makai Ocean Engineering says all […]

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AQMD order against Porter Ranch gas leak written by SoCal Gas

Well how cozy is this? SoCal Gas drafts an order against itself for AQMD to issue which limits Socal Gas liability and increases secrecy. I’m certainly happy to learn regulatory agencies in Southern California aren’t captive entities. This is separate from the AQMD lawsuit against SoCal Gas issued on Tuesday, a lawsuit which would enrich […]

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