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Renewable energy 24/7 from turbines in water pipes

Rentricity has the novel idea to put turbines in water pipes where the water flows downhill, providing a 24/7 source of renewable energy. Drinking, irrigation, and industrial water users are their target market. This is micro-hydro, small amounts of electricity is generated. However, it can be enough to help power a water treatment plant, as […]


OTEC renewable energy development continues

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion doesn’t get much notice. However, especially for islands, it is a reliable way to generate renewable energy 24/7. OTEC creates electricity by using the difference in temperature between cold water at lower depths and warm water at the top, and can generate prodigious amounts of power. Makai Ocean Engineering says all […]


AQMD order against Porter Ranch gas leak written by SoCal Gas

Well how cozy is this? SoCal Gas drafts an order against itself for AQMD to issue which limits Socal Gas liability and increases secrecy. I’m certainly happy to learn regulatory agencies in Southern California aren’t captive entities. This is separate from the AQMD lawsuit against SoCal Gas issued on Tuesday, a lawsuit which would enrich […]

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Porter Ranch. No plans for second customary relief well

Southern Company Gas has delayed plans to drill a second relief well, apparently hoping the first relief well will be able to kill the well by late February. How curious. No explanation was given. The company has been very close-mouthed about what they are doing, probably sensibly, given the tsunami of lawsuits coming their way. […]

Rio Bravo Fresno biomass energy plant

Biomass energy plants in California are closing

Biomass energy can’t compete with heavily subsidized solar in California, and that’s a big problem for San Joaquin Valley agriculture and processors, as they increasingly have no way to dispose of plant leftovers. One almond grower is almost out of land to spread ground up shells on. He used to truck 50,000 tons a year […]


Wendelstein 7-X nuclear fusion test successful

After years of construction and €1billion in costs, the Wendelstein 7-X machine in Germany successfully generated plasma, a major first step in creating nuclear fusion reactors, which do not use or create radioactive materials. Up until now, commercial nuclear fusion was not feasible because it required tremendous amounts of electricity to control the plasma. Wendelstein […]

Swell Actuated Reverse Osmosis System – SAROS

Wave powered desalination

Desalination on a small scale is being testing using a low-cost device powered by ocean waves. It can produce enough water per day to be useful in emergencies or to provide water to small communities, plus it is small and completely self-sufficient. “Small scale desalination for people who really need it,” says a co-developer in […]

From 32 to 4 since late July. Could easily drop to 2.

SunEdison, huge renewable energy developer, faces bankruptcy

Crushing amounts of debt are pummeling SunEdison, the biggest renewable energy developer in the world. Hedge funds, who used to favor the company, are dumping the stock, accelerating SunEdison’s problems. There is an unfortunate misconception that renewable energy companies are so wonderfully squeaky green clean that they are immune from Wall Street and financial machinations. SunEdison […]

World Climate Summit. Paris 2015

US says Paris Climate Treaty not legally binding

As is usual before a major climate treaty talk, the US begins to hedge and evade. Oh sure, we talk a great game about being squeaky-green with plentiful renewable energy and lowered carbon emissions. But when it comes time to make an international treaty, well, then the US says it’s not really a treaty thus […]

Lower Austria Verbund-Hydropower

Largest state in Austria now 100% renewable energy

Lower Austria, the largest state in Austria with 1.65 million people, now gets 100% of its power from renewable sources. The sources of the power may be surprising to some. They are 63% hydropower, 26% wind, 9% biomass, and 2% solar. The Danube River provides most of the renewable energy. Hydropower is still the king […]

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