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Why I’m saying Yes to Scottish independence

“1% of the world has 90% of the wealth And the system says to step on folk why helping yourself I hope you’re hearing these thoughts with amazement And inequity is consigned to the history pages I don’t want to see another lost generation” -Stanley Odd, Son I Voted Yes I was always going to […]


Obama’s job approval rating plummets in California

Obama has his worst job rating ever in California and most of the decline comes from previous supporters. The respected Field Poll shows nearly as many Californians now disapprove of Obama’s performance as approve (43% vs 45%), a sharp drop from his 62% approval at the beginning of his second term. This reading is the […]


Death of expertise. America, governed by corrupt chimps, dumbs down?

Our country (for quite good reasons) has vanishing respect for authority.’Authority is respected when authority is respectable’. Our leaders and authorities too often are compromised, venal, sociopaths primarily interested in enriching themselves. Most people now assume government and business lie to them continually, and they are mostly correct. So, it should be no surprise that […]

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Being doctrinaire leftwing leads to weakness and inaction

Richard Seymour of Lenin’s Tomb writing in the Guardian, dissects why the hard left is currently so weak and inept. The doctrinaire Left insists upon doing things and organizing the way it was done 80 years ago. However, the world has changed. The old ways no longer work. Anarchists get this. That’s why Occupy primarily […]

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Obama now least popular president since Nixon

Obama’s approval rating is 43%, with disapproval at 55%, worse than any president since Nixon. Congressional approval is way worse, at an abysmal 16%. However, a genuine budget is about to pass for the first time in years and appears to finally be functioning as it should. So maybe this is a low point […]


A revolution led by Russell Brand?

Taking No Chances, The Empire Strikes Back With the BBC  “Russell Brand, who are you to edit a political magazine?” asks BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.) interviewer Jeremy Paxman with all the arrogant irrelevance required of an establishment shill at the beginning of an eleven-minute interview on the BBC’s October 23 edition of Newsnight. Posted on the BBC Newsnight channel […]


Why the progressive blog movement failed

Ian Welsh. The liberal / progressive  blogs movement failed because of a lack of core beliefs and obsequiousness to the Democratic Party, which mostly co-opted them. I never expected them to succeed since they had no real plan for how they would take over the Democratic Party or how they expected not to be corrupted […]

Japan nuclear agency: Fukushima now an “emergency”. TEPCO negligent

The world can’t wait while negligent idiots at TEPCO dither about how to stop highly radioactive groundwater from Fukushima leaking into the ocean. TEPCO, as always, is comatose, uncaring, and criminally irresponsible. If Fukushima continues poisoning the ocean, then this will become a worldwide problem. The government of Japan needs to act fast and immediately. […]

Party in the U.S.A. — Changing Prospects for A New Mass Party of the Left

By Tim Horras. First published by The North Star. The U.S. two-party system is a reality. Socialists active in the U.S. have to acknowledge the unique character of the U.S. government and Constitution. We cannot import ready-made foreign organizational models more salutary to parliamentary systems with proportional representation and must instead find ways of organizing […]

Labour Party promises, if elected, to do what current government does

I’m thinking the Democratic Party in the US and the Labour Party in Britain are executing the same dimbulb political strategy. Mimic the right-wing while pretending to be different. From The Independent: At last, the Labour Party leaders are revealing their election strategy. They’ve announced they’ll stick to the current Government’s spending plans, and the […]

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