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Ordinary World – DJ Mitchell

Polizeros contributor DJ Mitchell has a new book, Ordinary World, on Amazon. I’ve read part of an earlier version and it’s excellent. Review coming soon. As the financial system crumbles around them, a family learns how to survive the challenges of an unfamiliar new world. Bill, Gracie, and their son Joe learn new ways to […]

BOOK REVIEW. The Age of Context. Robert Scoble, Shel Israel

We are taking our first baby steps into The Age of Context. Ten years ago cell phones were used for making phone calls and not much else. Now they are control centers for many of us. Similarly, in ten years sensors embedded everywhere, including on us, will feed us steady streams of information, increasingly make […]

Dreams That Die: Misadventures In Hollywood, by John Wight

In Dreams That Die, John Wight describes his move from Scotland to Hollywood in 2000 hoping to make it as a screenwriter, working as an extra, double, and security to pay the rent. He soon crashed up against the vicious Hollywood caste system and its often ritualized and systematic abuse. Those at the top demand […]

Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson, by Jeff Guinn

This is the definitive bio of Charles Manson. Jeff Guinn explains probable motives for the Manson Family Tate-La Bianca murders, and how Manson controlled his zombies. Manson studied Dale Carnegie and Scientology in prison and used their techniques to gather, influence, and control his followers. The Dale Carnegie trick of letting the other fellow think […]

Localism – small scale alternatives can’t change the world

No Local says the well-meaning localism movement can’t work because it will still be dependent on the market and thus to large-scale capitalism and its exploits. A friend in rural Utah believes firmly in localism as a way to free oneself from the grasp of the system. I don’t quite see how it would work. […]

El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency. (The drug cartels)

Author Ioan Grillo wrote El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency after spending years researching the drug cartels in Mexico, often at great risk to himself. He traveled to opium-growing areas in the Sierra Madres, talked with assassins and smugglers, and explains how the various cartels grew. His central point is that the drug cartels are […]

El Sicario. Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin

El Sicario killed and tortured hundreds of people for a Mexican drug cartel. After years of debauchery, violence, and unquestioned obedience to the cartel bosses he finally couldn’t do it any more, became a Christian, and left the life knowing one false move means he will be their prey and that he and his family will […]

Is polygamy harmful?

Even when the mariages are between adults, if the community if polygamist, then the girls tend to be traded like cattle and low-status young men create problems for all. This is true across time and culture. History suggests that it is. A new study out of the University of British Columbia documents how societies have […]

Slots: Praying to the God of Chance. David V. Forrest

I’m not who casinos want walking in the door since I don’t drink, smoke, use, or gamble. (Those first three I learned the hard way and decided long ago to never give gambling a chance.) But I will go into Vegas casinos to eat their great, cheap food, marvel at the gaudiness of it all, […]

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