Victims’ family claims British Police wrong: no heavy jacket, no jumping ticket barrier

Via ProRev

MARK HONIGSBAUM, GUARDIAN – Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian shot dead in the head, was not wearing a heavy jacket that might have concealed a bomb, and did not jump the ticket barrier when challenged by armed plainclothes police, his cousin said yesterday. Speaking at a press conference after a meeting with the Metropolitan police, Vivien Figueiredo, 22, said that the first reports of how her 27-year-old cousin had come to be killed in mistake for a suicide bomber on Friday at Stockwell tube station were wrong.

“He used a travel card,” she said. “He had no bulky jacket, he was wearing a jeans jacket. But even if he was wearing a bulky jacket that wouldn’t be an excuse to kill him.” . . .

How could she have known he didn’t jump the ticket barrier unless maybe she saw the videos during her meeting with the police? 

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