A study in contrasts

A study in contrasts

In August, I’m going backpacking for four days in the High Sierras, far away from cell phones, the Internet, and the current political madness. Ten days after returning, I leave for New York City for the protests at the Republican National Convention. No one knows yet what will happen during the RNC. No permits have been granted yet for demonstrations. However, if tens (or hundreds) of thousands show up, the authorities will have to allow a demo.

In the High Sierras, the biggest problem is bears looking for food. However, backpackers now use bear canisters protect the food, and bears, being quite smart, have learned they can’t open them so they no longer try. All of which makes the RNC protests considerably less predictable than the High Sierras. Which, of course, is why I must go to New York.

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