Update: Greens and loyalty oaths

Update: Greens and loyalty oaths

As it turns out, the noxious Loyalty Oath (see next post) was part of the language for Green Party national convention in 2000. However, since Nader was the obvious nominee, no one cared, and more to the point, most didn’t even know the Oath existed (and no one signed it.) This language got carried through into the 2004 convention by a committee who, in my opinion, should have killed the Loyalty Oath or at least made its existence public, but didn’t. Maybe they didn’t know it was there either; if they didn’t know, they should have.

The California Green delegation, along with other state delegations, is requesting the Loyalty Oath be dropped. It is unclear at this time whether this, for various procedural reasons, can be done in time for the convention. If it can’t be dropped, it is a certainty that numerous delegates will refuse to sign it. So, as they used to say in Austin Texas, “onward through the fog!”

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