It’s a trend! First in…

It’s a trend! First in Spain, now France

Socialists win big, conservatives get stomped.

From BOP News

The run off rounds in France are over – and the results are clear. As with Spain, the governing party has been soundly thrashed – the left attained an absolute majority of votes according to early counts, and almost complete control of the regional councils. The right lost 11, and perhaps 12 councils – from 14 down to 1 or 2.

From Reuters

Pressure mounted on French President Jacques Chirac on Monday to fire his prime minister and shake up the government after opposition Socialists dealt his conservative camp a humiliating defeat in regional polls.

Sunday’s election results were a worst-case scenario for Chirac and Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, as the left won in nearly all of France’s 26 regions and trounced almost all of the 19 cabinet ministers running for regional council seats.

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