Conservatives, as expected, go ballistic…

Conservatives, as expected, go ballistic on Soros

Satan lives in George Soros, howls the Right in a headline I might have used to satirize them (Hmm, I just checked the URL, and the article has now vanished from the website, interesting…)

The fiction which is interdependency has a prolocutor in the congregation of Moloch. His name is George Soros. No other single person represents the symbol and the substance of Globalism more than this Hungarian-born descendant of Shylock. He is the embodiment of the Merchant from Venice.

Whoa, some might construe that as an anti-Semitic jab, but that couldn’t be true because Republicans have a “big tent” strategy, right?

His public reputation as an astute currency speculator is generous, while his skills as a manipulator and procurer of pain and suffering is shrouded in the footnotes of the financial journals. Claiming to be a philanthropist, his record is literally one of being a patron for indentured enslavement.

Bzzzt. Reality check needed! Soros was actively supporting democracy movements in Russia and Eastern Europe at a time when conservatives generally wheezed about how noble Reagan was  – and did precious little to aid the movements. While many on the Right propagandized, Soros was taking action.

And isn’t it a hoot to see conservative Republicans weep crocodile tears about the pain inflicted by currency speculators and capitalism! Soros has said the worldwide financial system is nearly broken, that he exploited it to make billions, and now plans to give most the money away — as well as stop Bush from being reelected. Hey, you don’t suppose that’s why conservatives are so angry at this exemplar of Capitalism, do you?

And others may be joining the fight

Blair inner circle members looking to defeat Bush

George Bush will be served notice today that the deep hostility towards him in Britain has reached the Blair inner circle, when the former minister Stephen Byers launches a bid to destabilize the president’s re-election campaign next year.

On the eve of Mr Bush’s state visit to Britain, Mr Byers, an arch-Blairite, will set out proposals to help Democrats in key swing states if the White House refuses to abandon punitive trade sanctions against the UK.

We may be seeing the opening skirmishes of a global battle among the powers-that-be as to George Bush’s political future. Hang in there lefties, reinforcements appears to be arriving from the most unexpected of directions, the halls of power and finance itself…

P.S. found the first article I quoted with their news alerts. Currently, if you search them for “Shylock”, the article appears, however the site,, returns ‘page not found”. They must have pulled it. Here’s what the Google News Alert said

SATAN lives in George Soros


… His name is George Soros. No other single person represents the symbol and the substance of Globalism more than this Hungarian-born descendant of Shylock. …

Update: However, PoliZeros readers (see comments), have tracked down the story, and it appears here, on the author’s website. Thank you!

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