Dean campaign becoming a juggernaut

Dean campaign becoming a juggernaut

Zogby’s latest poll out of NH is a stunner. (September results)

Dean 40 (30)
Undecided 19 (22)
Kerry 17 (20)
Clark 6 (10)
Edwards 6 (2)
Gephardt 4 (6)
Lieberman 3 (5)
Sharpton 1 (1)
Other 4 (4)

Dean is up 10% in one month!

Zogby says:

This is stunning. Dean leads 43-20 among Democrats and 35 to 11 among Independents. He hits 40 among all age groups, union and non-union voters. His lead is 57-17 among self-described progressives, 50-20 among liberals, and 34-14 among moderates. Married voters give him a 38-13 edge and singles a 45-21 point lead. He holds huge leads among all education groups, among investors and non-investors, men and women. This qualifies as juggernaut status. Can he be stopped?

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