More on Camejo and the…

More on Camejo and the recall race

A fellow Green, Mark Tiepe at Walks Upright, agrees with PoliZeros that Peter Camejo should drop out of the recall race to help stop Arnold.

Walks Upright just blogged:

I had a frustrating dream that I was sitting across from Gray Davis in a classroom trying to feed his brain some ideas that could help him get a foothold in this tight election.

Then I awoke to the nightmare that our next governor will likely be a Viennese weightlifter son of a nazi storm trooper who thinks the Hoover Institute is a great place to get sound economic advice since it provided our un-elected oval office appointee such sound advice in 2000. (sigh)

Then, in his next post, he re-printed my post on Camejo, saying he agrees.

Yes, sometimes politics sucks. This is one of those times. Given the recall race right now, a vote for anyone but Cruz will help Arnold win. It ain’t right, it ain’t just, but that’s the way it is.

Some will say always vote your heart. I can understand that but don’t agree. Others will say the almost certain gridlock and chaos created by Arnold as Gov will create a climate where radical change can happen. Might be, but I’m still waiting for that to happen with Bush.

Hold your nose and vote for Cruz (double sigh).

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