“My son died because Bush…

“My son died because Bush lied.”

From the Guardian

The father of a soldier killed in Iraq accused President George Bush yesterday of being responsible for his son’s death.

Fernando Suarez, whose 20-year-old son, Jesus, was one of the first fatalities, said: “My son died because Bush lied.”
Mr Suarez, from Escondido, California, speaking at a press conference to publicise tomorrow’s anti-war demonstrations in eight US cities said that about 1,300 parents of troops stationed in Iraq were involved in a movement against the occupation. “It is time for these troops to come home,”

Suarez made the comments at a press conference held by ANSWER LA. It drew media from NBC, CBS, La Opinion, The Guardian, Swedish Radio, a large Japanese newspaper, City News, and others.
The buzz for the LA demo on Sunday is snowballing. The press conference was well-attended and made several local TV news shows as well as being reported in national and international media. And this is BEFORE the event!

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