Links of note

Links of note

From Deep Audit, noting several excellent articles in the L.A. times yesterday.

Activist puts in water use application … and plans to let it stay in the river. A new and quite brilliant idea. Environmentalists are applying to use river water as a natural resource

 “The permit application, a move her opponents have described as brilliant in its simplicity, marked an attempt to turn a law designed specifically for economic development into a tool for conservation.”   

Milk news Why the prices are so crazy

Huge news, for accountants — ONLY the auditors are being sued, a first for a big lawsuit like this.

“I used to argue with people,” recalled a retired LAPD South Bureau detective, Paul Mize. “I’d say, ‘People in South L.A. are just as dead as people in West L.A.’ ”  The LA Times has shown that there are far less homicide detectives in the poorer, heavily Black and latino South L.A. than in prosperous, more White areas.

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