Maybe Shakel didn’t do it

Maybe Shakel didn’t do it

Skakel: What Went Wrong.

We have our doubts that there is anything to be gained now by re-iterating that the evidence in the case came from an unreliable, dead drug addict who waited 20 years before coming forward with his story about Michael having told him he could get away with murder because he was a Kennedy, and then came forward to the media, not the police, and then who acknowledged at a pre-trial hearing he was high on heroin at the time of his grand jury testimony, that his memory wasn’t trustworthy and who was dead of a drug overdose by the time of trial so he wasn’t able to be cross-examined (while his prior testimony was orally read to the jury by the lawyers role-playing the parts of questioner and witness as the transcript of his testimony was rolled on the giant overhead screen like it was a movie–really, we were there that day)…. from a former suspect (the tutor) who had been granted immunity…and from other similarly unreliable witnesses whose testimony of purported confessions was disputed by other witnesses….  [TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime]

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