Multi-axis wave power generator


A new design for wave power can generate electricity regardless of direction of waves. This is still in initial testing. However, given the huge amount of potential energy in waves, should wave power become commercially viable, we could probably power the planet from wave power alone.

In wave tanks at Lancaster University, the chain of loosely coupled pistons was able to absorb forces from all directions. The conditions in the tank were modeled after the data taken from buoys off the Orkney Islands.

Utility scale wave power test planned for Oregon


This is welcome news. Utility scale wave power will be tested soon off the coast of Oregon. There is so much energy just waiting to be harnessed from waves, enough to power millions of coastal homes, no doubt, and with zero emissions.

The Pacific Marine Energy Center, or PMEC, will test energy generation potential and the environmental impacts of wave energy devices, at an ocean site about five miles from shore. Subsea cables will transmit energy from the wave energy devices to the local power grid, and data to scientists and engineers at on-shore facilities.

World’s biggest wave power project in crisis

German utility firm RWE npower renewables has withdrawn its backing for the world’s largest “wave farm”, throwing the future of the 4MW facility in doubt, the Sunday Herald can reveal.

Part of this was triggered by financial problems within RWE npower but still, the sea is an unforgiving place and also, well, with all the hoopla about wave power, 4MW is a tiny amount of power.