Offset half of airline carbon emissions with human urine

[The video shows] how if we capture our urine–like has been done in China (both recently and historically)–and use it as fertilizer instead of petro–chemicals we could be saving huge amounts of carbon emissions.

The village in China must have a separate place for people to pee so they can easily store the urine.

Ok, we need more hydrogen for the fuel cells, everyone drink some coffee

Ohio University researchers have discovered a way to create hydrogen from urine at a fraction of the cost of generating it from water. Thus, I suppose, if fuel cell powered cars become a reality, Starbucks could open branches next to the hydrogen fueling stations, thus providing a ready supply of urine.

Will urine futures start being traded on the exchanges with speculators trying to corner the market? Let’s see, if they forced the price of coffee higher this in turn could cut the supply of urine, thus driving urine prices higher too. Hmmm.