Obama refuses to stop Guantanamo torture, AKA force-feeding

Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) prior to undergoing force-feeding. He ended up screaming for them to stop. Photograph: Ben Ferguson, The Guardian
Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) prior to undergoing force-feeding. He ended up screaming for them to stop. Photograph: Ben Ferguson, The Guardian

Obama has authorized torture in the form of force feeding twice a day at Guantanamo. A judge has said it is a “painful, humiliating and degrading process” and wishes she has the power to stop it. She added the prisoners “set out in great details in (their) papers what appears to be a consensus that forced-feeding of prisoners violates Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which prohibits torture or cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.”

The Obama Administration bleats it is trying to save their lives. If so, then treat them as humans, stop the torture which exists there in many forms now, and shut down Gitmo. Oh yes, Obama’s been bleating about shutting down Gitmo for what, six years now, an empty, cynical promise like all his other broken promises.

Mos Def, now know as Yasiin Bey allowed the force-feeding to be done on him.He ended up screaming for them to stop.

We were already oblivious to the cameras. The doctor lubricated the tubing and without warning began feeding it up Bey’s nose. He squirmed and spluttered. A second doctor held Bey’s face in place as he began to yell out. Morrissey adjusted his grip and locked his forearm around Bey’s brow. The fight continued and grew in intensity. Bey freed one arm and writhed so hard the tubes fell out.
By now the doctors were shaking. But there was a job to be done. I pinned down the loose arm so the “detainee” couldn’t interfere with the tubes while Morrissey pushed down on his chest in an attempt to give the doctors some space. They lubricated the tube once more and went in for a second attempt.

“Stop, stop, Asif, please stop!” Bey screamed. In that moment it was clear there was nothing “pretend” about what was happening. We were instantly shocked out of our assigned roles. “I can’t do it, I’m so sorry,” Bey spluttered. “I’m so sorry.”

It’s official. The US tortures


It wasn’t “enhanced interrogation” that Dubya ordered. It was torture. An independent, nonpartisan committee says ““it is indisputable that the United States engaged in the practice of torture”

If Republican former congressman Asa Hutchinson, recently in the news for spearheading the NRA’s push for more guns in schools, stands up and tells you that the U.S. under Bush conducted torture, not “enhanced interrogations” – well I guess you can take that to the bank.

The torture of course continues. Gitmo has not been closed.We now have a president who orders people killed by drones, saying with fine Orwellian logic that any males thus killed are terrorist until proven otherwise, then watches the whole thing like a video game. You can call this what you want. I call it depravity.

Obama backstabs DADT again. Gay marriage too.

And apparently he’s a-ok with torture too, with policies no different from Bush and Ashcroft.

For civil libertarians, President Obama now ranks with one of the worst presidents in our history and virtually indistinguishable in these cases from his predecessor. For all of those Democrats in Congress begging for support, I will simply add that only a handful of these members publicly denounced the President for these actions and policies. Even with these appeals, there has been virtual silence from Democratic leaders or members.

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