IRS hearings are beginning to feel a lot like Watergate


Lois Lerner, IRS official in charge of targeting, will plead 5th amendment at IRS hearings.This is how Watergate began. Explanations begin to crack. Stories change. Those involved start stonewalling.

It’s also important to remember that the IRS Inspector General’s report is what broke the story. The internal investigation by the IRS Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration was not interfered with and was quite thorough. So in one very real sense the system worked and worked well.

My personal opinion is a combination of hugely overworked and under-trained low level employees in Cincinnati and improper targeting of nonprofits created a crisis during the 2012 elections which high level IRS and White House officials successfully dropkicked until after the elections. Then the Inspector General released the report and now some previous explantions of what happened have become, in that memorable Watergate phrase “inoperative.”


The IRS official in charge of the division accused of improperly targeting conservative groups will invoke her Fifth Amendment rights against compelled self-incrimination at a committee hearing Wednesday, a sign of concern that the political controversy is heading into the criminal arena.

Tea Party IRS protests today flopped, were amateur hour


As I expected, the Tea Party protests today at IRS offices nationwide were a dud. Calling demonstrations on short notice in numerous locations on a work day is a brain dead tactic.

I helped organize multiple Iraq antiwar protests in LA and trust me, we spent months building them, doing outreach, and made sure impact would be focused. Spreading out the impact at hundreds of offices like the Tea Party did was dumb. You want maximum impact and media interest and you won’t get that with a few dozen protesters in each place. The Tea Party “organizers” are clueless.

White House knew about IRS targeting weeks ago

It is not credible that Obama didn’t know about the IRS targeting before May 10 considering that his chief counsel knew.

President Obama claims not to have been made aware of the IRS indiscretions until May 10th it seems the White House’s chief lawyer learned weeks ago that an audit of the IRS likely would show that agency employees inappropriately targeted conservative groups.

Cincinnati IRS office mismanaged but who ordered the targeting

The IRS is woefully underfunded. There is a hiring freeze and employees often buy their own office supplies. Seriously. The Cincinnati IRS office was filled with mainly low-level employees working under a crushing load. However, this does not mean that Cincinnati acted alone or as a rogue office. Quite the opposite. G7s aren’t going to do an end run around orders by top brass on their own, yet this is exactly what happened. They went back to targeting the Tea Party after direct orders to stop. This is akin to corporals disobeying orders from a colonel. So maybe someone else was giving orders and directing things too?

“There’s a buzz in the office about this Tea Party situation,” said Neal Juarez, a case advocate in the Taxpayer Advocate Service. Like several other I.R.S. workers, Mr. Juarez was skeptical that employees in Cincinnati would have acted as they had without some direction from leadership in Washington.

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Doug Ross compiled this timeline chart and concludes

1. Steve Miller lied to Congress
2. Lois Lerner lied to Congress
3. Barack Obama lied to the American people

This scandal has the fingerprints of Axelrod, Jarrett and/or the Chicago Machine all over it.