Susan Sarandon. My phone was tapped

It goes with the territory. If you publicly oppose government policies, you will be watched. Both parties do it.  Susan Sarandon also says she was denied a White House security clearance.

I took this photo of her at a Hollywood anti-war rally in 2003 that I helped organize. (As you can see, she looks very very dangerous indeed.) So, I’ve probably been monitored too. This is not paranoia. Antiwar activists in the 1960’s who did FOIA requests twenty years later were stunned when they discovered just how much they’d been watched. All of which is a blip compared to what protesters in Egypt, Syria, and Bahrain endure. Onward.

Eddie Vedder, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins at antiwar rally, Mar. 2003

(Sue’s post on Susan Sarandon got me remembering)

Check these photos I took at an anti-war protest in March 2003 in Hollywood. It was an impromptu demo. Eddie Vedder, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins spoke on the sidewalk in front of the CNN building. I was pushing the portable sound system, which is why I got so close. (Polizeros was just starting then and I got about 5,000 hits off Eddie Vedder’s photo in a couple of days!)

We need to bring back this spirit of anti-war protest.