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How am I?

Flashing back from a card game, I reflect on some of the things I’ve seen. How am I compared to what?

Handful of Sri Lanka refugees allowed home

BBC headline trumpets, “Tamil refugees are allowed home.”   But read the article.  In fact, only 4,000 of the hundreds of thousands of Tamil refugees got to leave the camps this week. How many refugees are there?  The number commonly cited…

Sri Lanka photos

Boston.com offers a stunning series of photos from the last days of the Sri Lankan conflict.  Some of them are gruesome.  Others are astoundingly beautiful.

A Voice for Peace

“At this time when attention has been focused on the last phase of war and on the humanitarian crisis in the north, there is another less publicised crisis that requires urgent attention. This concerns the breakdown of law and order…

Benchmarks for Sri Lanka

Sharif Abdullah writes: I shed no tears for the passing of the LTTE or its leader, Prabhakaran.  The goal of the organization was always unrealistic and its methods always brutally violent.  I am not sorry to see them go. I…