Obama hearts the bankers. Hugs Geithner. Because everything is just fine

Poor deluded fools like myself clearly to not get that Obama’s bailout plan will be looked at ten years from now as pure genius. That’s the word from his staffers, and why he gave a big hug to Timmy G. at the SOTU address. You see, Obama believes Geithner and the bailout plan are without blemish.

Except that grumpy TARP cop Barofsky is mucking things up, saying the plan has failed. What’s worse, he’s got 77 criminal and civil investigations going on now into what happened. He’s even said “We will see handcuffs.” Why that’s just rude, considering all the White House has done for the banksters.

So, it’s probably time for Barofsky – as they so indelicately put it in Texas – to be found in bed with a live boy or a dead girl, something that will knock him down and out. Oh wait, they tried that with Spitzer, didn’t they? Yet he’s back in action, clobbering the banksters. Dang.

(In retrospect, it seems quite a coincidence that Spitzer’s incredibly stupid and risky behavior was publicly exposed in May 2008 precisely when he was about to testify before Congress about bond industry. At the time, I thought such conspiracy theories to be outlandish. Maybe not.)

Who took down Spitzer?

Was it a Republican operative or one of the Wall Street titans he toppled or maybe the Gambino Family? Sounds like he had enemies standing in line waiting for him to do something stupid, and once he fell (or was lured) into the prostitution trap, he did just that.

Once he was paying for prostitution with large cash transactions that must automatically be reported by banks, he, IMO, was doomed. His recklessness in calling up the bank asking to have his name taken off the transactions sealed his fate. Why he was so desperate and stupid is what remains unanswered.