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France insures Somalia and Mali rebels will be threat by attacking them


France made the nonsensical statement that Mali insurgents were a direct threat to the security of France, attacked the rebels, then increased security in France to protect against retaliation. Mission accomplished, France! Mali insurgents are now vowing vengeance and vow to strike in France, Thus, France took a non-existent threat and by invading another country and bombing it, have insured the rebels and probably large segments of the Mali population will now detest them. Such deranged thinking is what passes for foreign policy in the West. Of course, these lunatic actions are hugely profitable for the war pigs, and that’s really the whole point anyway.

Meanwhile, in Somalia, the US is providing military fighter jets to assist France.  so it’s only a matter of time until the whole thing escalates, the US has troops on the ground, and we have another jolly little war.

A French raid to free a hostage was a catastrophe, with eight civilians, the hostage dead, and French soldiers dead, missing, or captured.

Even though this rescue attempt was done 2 days ago, the French government has still not given a full report on what happened. This tells me that there is information and intel that they wish to still keep secret …. or …. this raid was so botched up that they are still trying to put the pieces together. I guess the truth will only come out in the next few days.

PS A previous version of this post confused Mali and Somalia. There are just so many danged new escalations of hostilities in Africa by France (backstopped by the US) that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Major shipper hires mercenaries to defend against Somali pirates

Maersk hires Tanzanian Mercenary warship as pirate situation becomes ‘critical’

Much about international politics, conflict, and war can be gleaned by from looking at a map. Yemen is certainly in the news lately. And is strategically placed as well. Military bases there could control the Gulf of Aden and be used to launch attacks against pirates and Somalia too.

Hiring mercenary warships is a major escalation. I see dead people.

Somali piracy as systempunkt

Global Guerrillas on systempunkt

In global guerrilla warfare (a combination of open source innovation, bazaar transactions, and low tech weapons), the point of greatest emphasis is called a systempunkt. It is the point point in a system (either an infrastructure or a market), always identified by autonomous groups within the bazaar, where a swarm of small insults will cause a cascade of collapse in the targeted system.  Within infrastructure, this collapse takes the form of disrupted flows that result in immediate financial loss or ongoing supply shortages. Within a market, an attack on the systempunkt destabilizes the psychology of the market to induce severe inefficiencies and uncertainties.  The ultimate objective of this activity, in aggregate, is the collapse of the target state and globalization

The pirates are causing serious disruption in shipping in that crucial area with vessels already being diverted around the cape of Africa to avoid them. Maybe these pirates aren’t just a bunch of random crazed criminals. Or maybe they are. But the result is a systempunkt, whether deliberate or not.

Somali pirates keep hundreds of hostages in pirate city of Eyl. There have been 36 successful hijackings this year with about 14 ships and 250 crew members still being held hostage. With an entire city under control of pirates, then the next question is, are they on their own?

Somalia’s interim government is fighting a strengthening Islamist insurgency, and does not have forces to patrol its territorial waters.

Maybe, Or maybe the government and the Islamists are getting some of the loot in return for supplying arms and protection.

Why Somali pirates are hard to defeat.The oceans are huge and stopping them is dangerous. [Blackwater] “plans to dispatch the MV McArthur, a 183-foot vessel with a crew of 14 and a helicopter pad, to the Gulf of Aden to provide escort services.”

My guess: the pirates will end up like Queen Teuta, whose pirates raided in the Adriatic around 231 BC. She eventually believed she could raid Roman ships and thus challenge Rome without consequences. She was wrong.

More proof, if any be needed, of the fiendishness of the pirates: Somali pirates threatening Western videogame shipments