Silliest Outrage of the Day. Solyndra tubes were used for art


Solyndra critics are huffing and puffing because leftover glass tubes were used to create an art installation titled SOL Grotto, apparently unaware that the tubes are now worthless.

1,368 of the 24 million high tech glass tubes destined to be destroyed as a casualty of their bankruptcy, are used in the installation.

Solyndra report may implicate White House chief of staff

I have no problem with the federal government funding new technologies. After all, that’s how the Internet and solar power got started. But the part of Solyndra that reeks is the putting of private investors (who coincidentally happened to be big donors) first in line for loan repayment, before the government itself.

And now this crony capitalism is catching up with the White House.

White House chief of staff Jack Lew may have disregarded warnings from lower-level budget employees that the administration’s efforts to prop up Solyndra were unwise and possibly illegal, The Washington Post is reporting based on an upcoming House Energy and Commerce Committee report.

The Post’s story says the report “suggests” that Lew — in his previous role as director of the Office of Management and Budget — “let the refinancing move forward without intervening, even though some OMB analysts thought a refinancing plan that favored private investors might violate the law.”

Solyndra hippies are stealing our money!

Got solar?

The Las Vegas Sun gets snarky in a fun article about those bashing government investment in renewable energy like Solyndra.

The angry man on the radio told me I should be outraged about Solyndra.

A fiasco, no doubt, but we should have some perspective. Remember the $6.6 billion of American currency on shrink-wrapped pallets that went missing from Iraq?

Of course not. It wasn’t on your channel.

They also point out that little trifles such as microchips, the Internet, GPS, and more originated in government funded projects. Solar panels are another. NASA invented them.

The sun beat down on my head. I kept applying sun screen, and it occurred to me that this would be another election cycle with almost no dialogue or argument about global warming and what to do about it

John McCain says this will be the nastiest presidential campaign ever. I fear he is correct and that nothing of substance will be discussed.